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Fight Promoter Surety Bond

What is a Fight Promoter Surety Bond?

A Fight Promoter Surety Bond is one way fight promoters are regulated.  The Fight Promoter Surety Bond is required of all fight promoters seeking to promote boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts fights and ensures all necessary taxes and fees are paid.  These bonds are required on a state-by-state basis

What is the current market for a Fight Promoter Surety Bond?

Fight Promoter Surety Bonds are widely written by multiple surety bond markets.  The total bond amount for the Fight Promoter Surety Bond varies by state.  Terms of approval and premium are largely determined by the financial condition of the fight promoter's corporate and/or personal net worth and experience.

How do I apply for a Fight Promoter Surety Bond?

  1. Start by filling out our Online Surety Bond Application by clicking here; or
  2. Download our PDF Surety Bond Application and email or fax the information to submissions@dblsurety.com or 888.204.8716.

Please note that additional underwriting information may be needed depending on bond request, information submitted, and to obtain the lowest possible rate.

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